At Orfanos Corporate Services we specialize in providing business advice with the objective of finding solutions to often very challenging business issues and problems.

With over 40 years of specialized business, accounting and financial experience in Adelaide and around the globe, dealing with our Principal, Nick Orfanos, you’ll receive solid sound advice upon which to make your decisions. We’re proud of the fact that we are able to make decisions on matters quickly rather than shuffling you from person to person until you reach a staff member with the appropriate authority and skill to make decisions or answer queries. Our goal is to provide great value by making difficult business problems simple.



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Wayville SA 5034

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Litigation Support

Working with the legal profession in the provision of consulting services in relation to existing or pending litigation. Specifically:

• application of accounting knowledge and broad practical business and corporate structure experience

• preparation of Expert’s Reports relating to the quantification of economic loss.

• act in a “Shadow Expert” capacity

• review expert reports already obtained and together with legal team, strategize the information gathering process and needs.

Business Valuations

Orfanos Corporate Services’ valuation service provides clients with over 40 years of valuation experience across a number of industries both here in Australia and globally. Our valuation services cover:

• business entities

• partnership interests.

• shares

to assist clients with taxation planning, insolvency, restructuring, merger, acquisitions and disposals as well as litigation and dispute resolution.

Solvency Matters

Orfanos Corporate Services specializes in solvency management, formal and informal insolvency administrations, including liquidation. In time of economic uncertainty and financial distress, businesses, shareholders, lenders and creditors often require independent and unbiased advice.

Proper accounting and legal advice is essential during these times as business owners and directors are at risk of trading while insolvent. The Corporations Act 2001 imposes severe penalties on Directors. Seeking early advice increases the likelihood of the business surviving and avoiding directors personally taking on the liabilities of the company under the insolvent trading provisions.

Orfanos Corporate Services can conduct a solvency review and outline available options. Options may include:

• refinancing,

• restructuring or

• entering into a formal administration.

We treat directors, creditors and all other stakeholders with respect and courtesy.

Business Advisory

Finding the right advice or simply having a professional sounding board is key to making critical business decisions. Particularly in:

• managing cash flow

• sustaining profitability

• maintaining solvency

all of which are challenges most businesses face at some stage in their lifecycle regardless of the industry.

To prosper in an uncertain economy, your business needs to be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

Principal, Nick Orfanos, offers a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist business owners and executives to quickly identify, strategize and consolidate appropriate solutions or directions.

Our advice service provides a highly confidential one-on-one consultation that will provide great peace of mind often when decision pressure is at its greatest.

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